Spending time at the beach is a given when you visit Hilton Head Island. Are you wondering what all you can do while you’re on one of the Hilton Head public beaches? We want to tell you all the fun things you should try! Here are 6 things you can do on the Hilton Head public beaches:
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1. Sit and Relax

couple sitting on the beachThe number one thing people want to do on the Hilton Head public beaches is sit and relax. You’re on vacation, and it’s your time to slow down and take a beat. Grab a towel and a chair, and set up your space on the beach to warm up in the sun. Listen to the water hit the shore while you read a book, or even fall asleep in the warm sun. No matter how you decide to do it, you’ll definitely want to sit and relax while you’re on the beach.

2. Take a Walk

Walking along the beach is another great past time. You’ll see many people taking a walk along the water. You’ll be able to see other businesses you might want to check out, or you could just enjoy the scenery. Take a walk to get in a little exercise while you’re on vacation. Plus, at sunrise or sunset, it’s romantic to walk along the beach with your significant other.

3. Ride a Bike

A couple riding bikes on the beach.Do you like to stay moving and want to really see the Hilton Head public beaches? There are plenty of bike rental shops along these beaches. Grab a bike and ride along the water for a new way to get in some exercise or as a way to spend time with your sweetheart or family. You guys will definitely enjoy a bike ride on the beach.
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4. Fish Along the Beach

If your definition of relaxing includes fishing, then grab a fishing pole and head down to one of the public beaches in Hilton Head. You might catch all kinds of fish, and you might even see little sharks at the end of your line! Fishing on the beach is convenient since you won’t have to go to a lake or a dock. You can just stand knee deep in the water and cast your line. teenagers and dogs playing in the water on a beach

5. Swim in the Water

When the heat kicks in, you’ll want to cool off in the water! Little kids love splashing in the ocean, while many older kids and adults enjoy swimming in the water. You can’t skip getting in the water or at least dipping your toes in the water when you visit one of the Hilton Head public beaches.

6. Surf the Waves

Do you love adventure? Then you should surf the waves when you’re on a Hilton Head public beach! You can get a surf or boogie board from one of the shops or rent one from a rental shop. Kids and adults alike will have fun trying to surf along the beach. There are so many fun things you can do while you’re visiting Hilton Head public beaches. Wondering which beach is closest to your vacation rental? Browse through the Hilton Head public beaches to see which one is closest to you!
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