If you love animals, then Hilton Head Island is a great place for you! The island is teeming with wildlife native to the area and many areas where you can interact with domestic animals. Check out these top 4 things animal lovers should do while visiting Hilton Head Island:
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A dolphin jumping out of the water.

1. Go on a Dolphin Tour

One of the most popular and fun things to do for an animal lover in Hilton Head Island is to go on a dolphin tour! The Dolphin and Nature Tour takes you along Broad Creek, an inlet on the island. They guarantee you’ll see bottlenose dolphins or else you’ll receive a free tour later. You’ll probably see all kinds of birds and other animals while you’re traveling along the water. Some dolphin cruises can be taken at sunset, which would be perfect for couples for a romantic trip! You’ll find all kinds of available tours, and no matter who you decide to ride with, you’ll definitely get your share of adorable dolphins!

2. Visit Pinckney Island National Wildlife Reserve

Do you want to get out in nature and see the natural wildlife Hilton Head Island is known for? You should visit Pinckney Island National Wildlife Reserve! There are over 14 miles of hiking and biking trails, allowing you to travel them how you want. Many of the trails go past Ibis Pond, which is where you’ll see white ibis, a large white bird that looks for prey in the marshes. During the summer, you might see the painted bunting, a small colorful bird. Although they are nocturnal and seeing them during the day is rare, people have reported seeing bobcats while walking or biking at Pinckney Island National Wildlife Reserve. If water levels are low in the marsh, you can see crabs walking in the sand. This is a great area to see all kinds of animals!
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two brown horses

3. Ride Horses at Lawton Stables

Lawton Stables is a horseback riding stable where you can enjoy an afternoon riding around outside. On the trail rides, you’ll have a guide who will provide information about the island while you’re out exploring. For smaller children, there are pony rides, which take place near the stables. The ponies are led by a team member, and this attraction is for kids 7 years old and younger. Lawton Stables also has a petting area with goats, sheep, miniature donkeys, miniature cows, pot-bellied pigs, alpacas, shetland ponies, and chickens. You can even purchase feed for $0.25 to give to the animals. Animal lovers will have a blast at Lawton Stables!

4. Visit the Coastal Discovery Museum

Another area where you can see wildlife on Hilton Head Island is at the Coastal Discovery Museum. You don’t have to purchase a ticket, but donations are accepted. They have trails you can walk, including out over marshes where you might spot plenty of birds and possibly alligators and fish. The Coastal Discovery Museum has a butterfly house full of caterpillars and butterflies. You can also see native Marsh Tacky horses in the fields on the property. There are also many exhibits on animals in the museum you’ll probably enjoy! Animal lovers have plenty of things to do in Hilton Head Island. You’ll definitely enjoy any of these activities! For even more fun things to do, check out these other Hilton Head attractions.
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