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Cancellation Policy & Trip Insurance

Safeguard your travel expenses by acquiring trip cancellation insurance. This coverage shields your investment in case of unexpected events, such as illness or mandatory hurricane evacuation. The cost of trip cancellation insurance is 7% or 10.8% of your total rental expense and must be obtained either concurrently with or before your final payment. To add Travel Insurance, please contact a Vacation Planner at 1-843-785-2242.  Ensure your ideal vacation remains safeguarded!

Best Time to purchase Trip Insurance…

Picture this: you’ve just booked the vacation rental of your dreams—sunsets over the ocean, cozy nooks, and the promise of lazy mornings with a cup of coffee in hand. Now, imagine a worry-free getaway where you can truly relax, knowing that your precious holiday haven is protected. That’s where the magic of rental insurance comes in!
The best time to purchase rental insurance for your vacation escape is right after you’ve sealed the deal on your dream accommodation. It’s like wrapping your getaway in a protective bubble, ensuring that unexpected hiccups won’t burst your vacation bliss. Whether it’s a sudden change of plans, unforeseen cancellations, or a quirky accident in the cozy living room, rental insurance has got you covered.
Think of it as the guardian angel for your vacation sanctuary. By securing your rental insurance early on, you’re not just investing in peace of mind, but also in the uninterrupted joy of your holiday. So, as you eagerly count down the days to your retreat, take a moment to safeguard your getaway haven—because when it comes to relaxation, worry-free is the only way to be!
Trip Insurance- 7% of the total rental, covers you for inclement weather, medical emergencies and ailments that prevent you from traveling. This style of insurance will guarantee 100% of your rental return.
Cancel for Any Reason- 10.8% of the total, this allows you to cancel your reservation for literally any reason.  However, this style of  insurance will only guarantee a max of 60% of your rental return.


Cancellation Policy for your Rental…

Homes & Villas– Should you decide to cancel your home reservation more than 60 days before your planned arrival, a $300 forfeiture will apply. Cancellations made between 60 and 30 days prior to your arrival will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. Cancellations within 30 days or less of your scheduled arrival date will result in the forfeiture of the entire rental amount.
Monthly Rentals– Any rental that is a consecutive of 28 or more days. If you choose to cancel your monthly reservation over 90 days before your intended arrival, a $300 fee will be incurred. Cancelling between 90 and 30 days prior to your arrival will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. Cancellations within 30 days or less of your scheduled arrival date will lead to the forfeiture of the entire rental amount.
Refunds will not be provided for early checkouts, no-shows, or instances of inclement weather. It is advisable to consider purchasing travel insurance, which amounts to 7% of your total rental cost. This is particularly recommended for all reservations, with a special emphasis on monthly rentals.

For further information on coverage for insurance, visit the Rental Guardian insurance page:  Play Travel Protection
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