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Bird Watching in Hilton Head

For travelers from across the map, Hilton Head Island has long been a place where a focus on sun, sand, and surf can be embraced at its best. From time sunbathing and swimming to afternoons dining and shopping your way through a stay, Hilton Head Island caters to interests of all types. If you happen to be passionate about bird watching, Hilton Head Island is a place to make the most of this activity too! The island is home to year-round and migratory species that are sure to inspire whether you’re an experienced bird watcher or new to it and excited to try Hilton Head bird watching. Hilton Head’s incredible landscape makes it a prime place for birds of all kinds. It’s estimated that Hilton Head welcomes over 300 different species each year!

Bird Species on Hilton Head Island

Between Hilton Head’s wetlands, forests, and coastlines, many species of birds find a welcoming space to call their own, much to the delight of bird watchers from near and far. On Hilton Head Island, watchers can see everything from bald eagles and sandpipers to red-shouldered hawks and woodpeckers. Some of the most frequently observed species in the area while bird watching Hilton Head include both the snowy egret and the great egret alike. Anhinga is another commonly spotted species while both the great blue heron and tricolored heron are exciting to spot within binoculars as well!

Popular Hilton Head Bird-Watching Spots on the Island

While birds find their way across the island at various times of the year, there are certain Hilton Head destinations that act as a type of oasis of opportunity for bird watchers at any given time. The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is a wonderful place to enjoy rich and scenic surroundings as well as opportunities to spot a multitude of birds. The Audubon Newhall Preserve is another prime place to check out that’s situated just off Palmetto Bay Road. There is no charge to enter this preserve which spans 50 acres and is designed to include a variety of trails to explore while engaging in bird watching Hilton Head. Brown-headed nuthatch is commonly spotted here as well as warblers. If you’re looking for more insight into your surroundings, be sure to sign up for a guided walk which are hosted in the spring and fall.

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