On Hilton Head Island, the sun, sand, and sea combine to create a paradise for vacationers. If you’re looking to explore the stunning coastal beauty and marine life of this enchanting island, a boat tour is an absolute must. The team at Hilton Head Properties R&R is here to help you find the perfect boat tour for you. Get ready to embark on a memorable journey as we highlight some of the best boat tours on Hilton Head Island.

The Best Hilton Head Island Boat Tours 

Hilton Head boasts a large number of boat tour companies. Whether you are looking to enjoy a boating adventure that will get you up close and personal with amazing marine life or a relaxing sunset cruise, these Hilton Head Island boat tours have you covered.

Vagabond Cruise

If you’re seeking an unforgettable experience on the water, look no further than Vagabond Cruise. They offer a range of tours, including dolphin watches, sunset cruises, and dinner cruises. Vagabond Cruise also offers a variety of seasonal cruises, such as holiday cruises, shrimp trawling in the summer, and crabbing expeditions in the spring. With so many offerings, but traditional and unique, Vagabond Cruise offers Hilton Head Island boat tours for every interest. 

Outside Hilton Head

Known for their eco-friendly approach to adventure, Outside Hilton Head offers a variety of boat tours that cater to nature enthusiasts. Their guided kayak tours allow you to paddle through the serene marshes, spotting wildlife and immersing yourself in the island’s natural wonders. If you’d prefer to set sail, they also offer sailing tours that give you an opportunity to view dolphins and other wildlife. In addition to their boating tours, they also offer a wide variety of other tours of Hilton Head Island. 

Island Explorer

Island Explorer is a highly-rated tour company that offers dolphin and nature tours of Hilton Head Island. Island Explorer specializes in small, personalized tours, so if you are looking for a more intimate experience, look no further. Search for dolphins, comb the beach for beautiful seashells and starfish, or explore other destinations like Daufuskie Island and Vanishing Island. One of the things that set Island Explorer apart from other boat tours on Hilton Head Island is that there is no cancellation fee as long as you give them notice 24 hours in advance.

Start Your Hilton Head Vacation

Embarking on a boat tour is the perfect way to make the most of your Hilton Head Island vacation. Whether you’re a nature lover, a thrill-seeker, or simply looking for a relaxing experience on the water, these tour companies have something for everyone. If you still need to book accommodations for your stay, Hilton Head Properties R&R has you covered. We offer a wide range of vacation rentals on Hilton Head Island, ranging from beachfront villas to luxury vacation homes. We’re ready to help you kick off an unforgettable vacation to Hilton Head Island. To get started, you can make a reservation online or call 843-785-2242 for more information.